Thursday, May 12, 2022

Haley Chic Visits Section 36 Music!

Section 36 Music has another visitor! Haley Chic is a wonderful singer, who who you may know from her outstanding single "Slow Down". I was so glad she was willing to visit with us and discuss her music, future goals, and more. I’m sure you’ll love everything she has to say.

So, let's see what happens when Haley Chic visits Section 36 Music!

I’m a huge fan of your single “Slow Down”. What can you tell me about it?

Thanks so much! I am someone to always be on the go, whether I'm out with friends, working, playing a show, traveling etc. I'm also someone who tends to worry about EVERYTHING! I wrote this song about taking a step back, enjoying the ride and loving yourself just the way you are. 

What was your favorite part of the recording process?

I recorded "Slow Down" at 37 Productions with Sean McGlaughlin. He was really fun to work with and trade ideas. Whenever I record I send a demo of just my vocals and acoustic guitar. It's so amazing to watch your songs transform from a little acoustic number to an actual masterpiece! 

You’re a graduate of Berklee College of Music. What’s the biggest thing that’s done for your career? 

I made a lot of connections at Berklee in Boston and in Nashville. Through that I've been able to play really cool shows and make a ton of friends in the industry all over New England and in Music City. Berklee also gave me the knowledge and credentials to teach voice, guitar and piano lessons. 

Who or what would you consider your biggest musical influences?

I love Jason Isbell, Brandi Carlisle and Miranda Lambert. But I also love Foo Fighters, Everclear and Lizzo. I love everything! It's fun to find new songwriters and listen to their music! Some of the best music coming out is from independent artists. Growing up, my parents had a million CD's and records so I learned a lot from them. 

What would you say is your biggest career challenge?

I would say my biggest career challenge is not comparing my journey to others. It's especially hard with social media. Everyone is so talented and we're all on our own paths! 

What are your immediate career goals?

So much of my career was ruined in covid. I was an event planner and lost my job and I couldn't perform. So many places I played either closed or changed management. It almost feels like I had to rebuild everything I had been working for. I feel like currently I'm just working on that, being happy and remembering to "Slow Down"!


That sounds like a really good plan!

As always, I want to thank Haley for visiting, and for sending along the pictures to accompany the interview.

I know you’ll all want to follow along with her to see what she's up to. The best way to do that is probably to follow her on Instagram and/or Spotify. In fact, go do both of those right now!

You can also check out her Section 36 Music page. It's a perfect way to enjoy everything Haley has to offer all in one place.

Thanks again Haley, and good luck reaching your goals!

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