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I know what you've all been thinking. You saw all the pictures of people wearing the most amazing gear and thought, "How can I get one of those for myself?" Well, I have your answer!

That's right. I heard your thoughts, as creepy as that sounds, and gave you exactly what you wanted. 

How? I got the good people at Spring to help me out. I'll be selling the shirts through their website, directly to you! This allows me to offer more variety than I ever thought possible, while still keeping the costs as low as I can. 

The benefit of having Section 36 gear? One, you'll look really cool with it. Two, every picture people submit of themselves with Section 36 gear gets posted on this blog and its social media outlets...AND on the Section 36 flagship blog and social media. (OK...almost every pic). What a great way to have a variety of people see you and be reminded about you and your career. 

So, what do I have? I'm glad you asked! Here are some examples singers have sent along.

Here Sabrina models my most popular item,
the classic logo tank top.


This design also comes in other styles and colors. 

How about a t-shirt...

There are other designs too! In fact, the newest one might be perfect for the musician in your life. Check it out!

Claire Donzelli models her tank top

Here's Lyssa showing off her tank top
picture by Mike Moore Photography

Here's Dana showing off her new addition

Like I said, the variety is a wonderful thing! 

Obviously, the plan is keep adding designs. But, for now this is where we are. 

Of course, once you have your shirt, send me a picture wearing it! You can be added to the list of cool folk.

Can't wait to see them! 

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