Friday, December 10, 2021

“Don't Say Goodbye" by Violet Lewis (Dec 10, 2021 release)

“Don't Say Goodbye" is the latest single from the incredible singer Violet Lewis!

What can you expect from the song? Here's what Violet had to say about it...

"Don’t Say Goodbye” is an anthem for anyone who has ever dealt with the struggle of being in a long distance relationship and will hook you from the first line “I made my therapist cry today.” Simply, it’s a song for when you’re sad but you’re sick of crying about it (and just wanna rock out). It is the third and final single leading to the release of my upcoming EP "Loose Lips" which is coming out in January."

This song is simply incredible. She's right, the melody absolutely grabs you right from the start. After hearing it, I just had to go listen to all of Violet's music. It was all as good as expected. I definitely can't wait to hear the EP.

You can find “Don't Say Goodbye" just about everywhere you usually get your music like Apple and Spotify. So, there's no reason you won't be able to find it.…which I highly suggest you do.

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Friday, December 3, 2021

“I Tried Too Hard" by Jackie Therrien (Dec 3, 2021 release)

"I Tried Too Hard" is the latest single from the amazing singer Jackie Therrien!

Make sure you listen to it now!

What's is the song like? Well, here's what Jackie had to say about it...

"My new song “I Tried Too Hard” is finally out!! This song sat in my notes app on my phone for far too long and I’m so grateful I rediscovered it when I did.

This song was a vent, a confession to my piano before I went to anyone else. It was a song a wrote one night after a party, in a moment of sadness, loneliness, regret, and longing. I was trying too hard to force feelings that just weren’t there.

I remember writing this and pushing it away because I felt so guilty and I felt so bad. There were too many different thoughts and feelings and in that moment, sitting at the piano, they all came out of me all at once.

I think often times the best songs come from those moments.

This is something I had never planned on doing anything with…but now it’s yours :)"

That is definitely something you'll want to hear for yourself.

You'll be able to find “I Tried Too Hard" just about everywhere you usually get your music like Spotify or Apple! So, there's no reason why you won't be able track it down…which I absolutely suggest you do.


If you want to learn more about Jackie, check out 
her Section 36 Music profile page. There you can find links to her full interview with Section 36 Music, her social media accounts, as well as more samples of her incredible singing.

You can also hop directly to her interview right here on Section 36 Music. That will give you an opportunity to learn more about this amazing singer.

Be sure to give “I Tried Too Hard" a listen!