Monday, November 13, 2023

"Machine with a Dream” by Savoir Faire


"Machine with a Dream" - Single by Savoir Faire

Release Date: November 13, 2023

Video Release: November 13, 2023 on YouTube

What You Should Know:

“Machine with a Dream” is a response to the idea that a woman doesn’t reach her full potential without procreating: that being childless is empty and selfish, among other things people often say to childless women. Rather, the song offers ways in which women use their bodies and minds (their machine) to contribute to society and birth movements and ideas to others. It asks the listener: is a woman’s body enough if it lives for its own sake, and not for the sake of others?

The song was produced and mixed by Dave Brophy, who also plays drums and auxiliary instruments on the track. Andrew Moreau plays bass, with myself on guitar and vocals. “Machine with a Dream” started as a draft email of song lyrics, started on a flight back from Texas as women all over the nation braced for the eventual overturn of Roe vs. Wade. The lyrics eventually came to meet a guitar riff. From there, the song took form. The vocals of the song are heavily influenced by 60s girl groups, with vocal melismas and guitar lines borrowing from Persian pop music of the same era. Introducing the song, synthesizers lurk in the background of the production as a nod to the literary work that influenced both the lyrics and the video.

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