Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Get To Know Treble Threat

Treble Threat is Berklee College of Music's only all-women and non-binary a cappella group, providing an immersive and empowering musical experience within an a cappella environment. 

What makes these amazing performers decide to try out for such a group? I asked the members of the group to try to find out. It looks like a couple reasons came to the forefront. 

For some it’s simply the opportunity to sing a cappella

President Ava Panza said, "I wanted to join Treble Threat because I always wanted to do a cappella, and my high school never offered it since it was so small. Also, the fact that the group was all women/non-binary made me feel more welcomed."

Added new member Carolina Daura, "Pitch Perfect has been my favorite movie since it came out and when I came to Berklee and heard about Treble Threat, I had no doubt that it was the group that I wanted to join. And now I can say, without a doubt, that I am living my pitch perfect dreams alongside these amazing humans"

Another new member, Chloe Park, "was looking for a club where I can sing with beautiful people, and I got to know about Treble Threat. The whole atmosphere of the audition was super nice, chill, and supportive and the call back was even better!! All the old members were so nice and so were the new members!! I really wanted to be part of the group where we cheer and support each other, sing with one heart and become a family."

New member Ceili Cordero agreed, saying "I wanted to join Treble Threat because I missed the feeling of singing and beatboxing for a group that shared my values and made great music together."

For others the group's draw is the chance to join an incredible community

Business manager Grace Carr felt, "I wanted to join Treble Threat because it seemed like a fun environment to be a part of."

Similarly, social media manager Alexa Aronson said, "I joined Treble Threat because I wanted to be a part of an amazing community with such talented musicians / people. It is a great way to get your foot into the door with great talent and opportunities."

New member Jasperina van Stuijvenberg went even further, saying "I wanted to join Treble Threat because I wanted to find a community at Berklee. I was really struggling to find people in my first semester and I had done a capella in the past and loved it! I saw on Instagram that Treble Threat was auditioning and I could sense they all had a great kind of vibe. My audition experience was amazing and I was shocked to get in, as I am not a vocal principal and I didn’t know if I was good enough. Now a lot of the members are some of my best friends and I love them all and singing with them."

The inclusivity was an important part for assistant music director Amelie Dejean Subirats, who added "I wanted to join Treble Threat because it was an inclusive space to sing with others, and the community within it was really sweet!"

That was echoed by new member Michelle Langelier who added, "I wanted to join Treble Threat to have an inclusive and supportive way to get involved on campus my first semester. Definitely one of the best choices I could’ve made!"

Of course, some of the new members were drawn to the entire package offered by Treble Threat.

New member Veronica Bain summed it up nicely by saying, "I wanted to join Treble Threat when I saw the a cappella showcase in the BPC last spring! I did a cappella in high school, and when I saw how amazing and advanced the Berklee groups were I really wanted to join. I love hanging out with everyone in the group, we’re like a little family. Treble Threat has given me a much-needed sense of community."

Another new member Maggie Welch added, "I have always loved a cappella and Treble Threat seemed like it had such a welcoming and genuine environment! I immediately felt like I had made amazing friends in the auditions."

And new member Allie Forlini really wrapped it all up by saying, "I’ve been in a cappella groups ever since middle school, and I’ve absolutely loved them. Being in a tight-knit community of musicians has always been important to me. I found Treble Threat through social media and from the start, really loved their vibe and goal to empower women and nonbinary folk. I wanted to join Treble Threat because of my love for a cappella as well as my desire to meet a group of wonderful people."

Whatever the reason, you can sense that every member is glad they signed up for the experience!

I can't recommend enough that you check out this amazing group. Follow them on their socials: Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube. And if you get the chance to see them perform in person, don't miss out. It's an experience you need to take in for yourself.

Thanks to all the members of Treble Threat for sharing their thoughts with us.

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