Thursday, September 15, 2022

Lindsey Sampson Coasts Through Uncertainty On New Single “Night Driving”

“Night Driving” is an atmospheric folk-pop track capturing the mix of apprehension and determination that comes with venturing into the unknown; Sampson invites whispers of the divine feminine throughout the track met with intimacy and an earnest passion.

Nashville, TN (September 1st, 2022) - Independent singer-songwriter Lindsey Sampson dazzles listeners with her synth-kissed folk-pop track “Night Driving” out September 30th. Following the release of her recent 2021 project, ‘Garden,’ Sampson’s latest offering invigorates the grandiose folk soundscapes she’s embraced with subtle-yet-hypnotic electronic pop elements. Sampson has had this track in her back-pocket for years, finding new meanings for it as she moves through new seasons of life. What once was an ode to persevering through a complicated romance has since evolved into a waltz with the divine whisper for reassurance through life’s most uncertain moments. “Night Driving” draws listeners in with a steady drum kit embellished with lush synths and unassuming finger-style guitar before blossoming into an expansive chorus. Listeners can expect to hear influence from artists like Joseph, Muna, and Mitski.


In addition to “Night Driving” introducing a new, darker flavor imbued with more of a pop influence in Sampson’s artistry to listeners, the track also holds a very personal meaning to the songstress as she acclimates to her recent move from Boston to Nashville while pursues a Masters of Divinity from Vanderbilt Divinity School. The track serves as a lifeline to fall back on when the path ahead remains unclear, reminding Sampson (along with listeners) to take a moment, breathe, and persevere through uncertainty. “Night Driving” came together with support from producer Daniel Radin who previously collaborated on the recent ‘Garden’ EP; after cultivating an open and trusting artistic relationship, Sampson knew Radin was her top choice for a producer to create her full length album with. “Night Driving” is the first track offered to listeners from this new era, and is also the first instance of Sampson exploring her relationship to the divine feminine in her work. While she embarks on a deconstruction and reorientation of faith in divinity school, referring to God with feminine pronouns in “Night Driving” allows listeners a deeper, more colorful glimpse into her authentic experience with the divine. For Sampson, she hopes the single reminds listeners that their lives have intrinsic meaning and importance; regardless of the uncertainty you may encounter in the world, it is ok to dance through ambiguity.

Listeners can stream “Night Driving” on all major streaming platforms September 30th.

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