Monday, November 14, 2022

Ruby-Sage Visits Section 36 Music!

Section 36 
Music has another visitor! 
Ruby-Sage is an singer whose debut single "Mad @ You" is simply fantastic. I was so excited she was willing to visit with us and discuss her music, future goals, and more. I’m sure you’ll enjoy everything she has to say.

So, let's see what happens when Ruby-Sage visits Section 36 Music!

I loved your recent debut single “Mad @ You”. What can you tell me about it?

Thank you so much! This song was so fun to work on! I wrote in when I was a senior in high school after going through my first break up. I didnt really know how to deal with the feelings it had left me with and all I really know how to do was write. The relationship didnt end badly or anything like that, but I was still so sad and hurt for what felt like no real reason at all. I am so happy I wrote it, though it doesn’t feel very applicable in my life these days. It was very therapeutic to create and looking back, definitely helped shape my music going forward. 

What was your favorite part about the recording process? 

My favorite part of recording the song would have to be when I went in to do the vocal takes. My then guitarist, Nate, and I went in to record our respective parts for Mad @ You as well as another song we were working on at the time and right before I went in to do the vocals for the song, I just kind of broke down to him. I had a really grueling semester and I just allowed myself to feel all of it all at once. Something about sobbing and then going in to record this song made it more special and powerful to me. I dont think the song would have sounded the way it does if I hadn’t let those emotions out right before.

You are currently attending Berklee College of Music. What’s the biggest thing Berklee is doing for your career? 

The biggest thing Berklee is doing for my career is the networking. I have gotten to work alongside some of the most talented musicians I have ever met. Not only am I working with them, but I am seeing shows of other Berklee students and we all kind of work off of each other in a way. I am so grateful to be at Berklee and getting all of the experience I have got thus far. I also have found that its kind of a trial run for my career. I am learning things that are really helpful so after college I won’t feel like I'm starting from scratch. 

Who or what would you consider your biggest musical influences?

Right now some of my biggest musical influences are Peach Pit, Taylor Swift, Phoebe Bridgers, Regina Spektor and Origami Angel. Two Berklee students I have had the honor of working with who also have inspired me are Robo Pumpkin and Cameron Lane.

What would you say is your biggest career challenge?

My biggest career challenge is marketing, I really hate being on social media.

What are your immediate career goals?

My immediate career goals are to keep putting out music, playing shows and taking it all in. I am so grateful and humbled for where I am at in my life and if you had told me even a year ago that this is where I would be, I wouldn’t have believed you. I really am just so grateful for all of the support. 


Let's see if we can help Ruby-Sage reach those goals!

As always, I want to thank her for visiting, and for sending along the pictures to accompany the interview.

I'm sure you’ll all want to follow along with her to see what she's up to. I would definitely follow her on Instagram, and/or Spotify. In fact, go do both right now!

Thanks again Ruby-Sage, and good luck reaching your goals!

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