Friday, November 25, 2022

“Not The Way You Want It" by Victoria Barral (November 25, 2022 Release)

"Not The Way You Want It" is the latest single from the talented singer Victoria Barral! 

You'll want to listen to this song as soon as you can! What can you expect from the song? Here's some great info from the press release...

Victoria Barral is coming back with an epic and experimental song. Victoria never ceases to surprise us with her ability to write and produce versatile music. With R&B and electronic vibes, her 3rd single off her upcoming album, “Not The Way You Want It” embodies deep and vulnerable moments of anxiety and universal themes that many people can resonate with. Victoria opened up to us about her anxiety and struggles with depression. The artist says: “It’s been a really tough year and I’ve gone through some really hurtful experiences that caused me to be anxious and be fearful of the future. I really had to take some time to write about what I was going through and process a lot that was going on.

During the beginning of this year, I got really committed to posting my production process on TikTok. I would just go for it and put out anything I had. I scoped through different plugins to find the sounds that I was looking for that best represented what I was experiencing. I found the most dope sound to use in production that fits so well with this theme of being anxious and restless.”

Victoria also shared about her process making the music: “The production process was a long one. Since the song and lyrics meant so much to me, I didn’t want to rush it. I spent over 8 months revising it and knew it needed changes, I knew I had most of the production down, but definitely needed someone to hop on co-production. Really recently, a phenomenal artist and DJ, Hagen from the Netherlands who had previously remixed a Christian parody I made of Unholy, was down to add production on it. I just sent him the demo I had and Hagen went beyond what I expected and contributed to so much of the beats in the song. After that, it was set. I was super happy that it fit my vision.”

“Not The Way You Want It” opens with an amazing fade in with lofi vintage sound recording and light vocals. Victoria’s verse starts with some solid and real songwriting:

It’s been a long night
A long fight with thoughts in my mind
That don’t even play out in real life
Been running in circles trying to find purpose
I know that’s not the way You Want It.

Victoria’s songwriting addresses something that her audience can relate to: We are all stressed about the future at one point or another and think we need to make expectations for ourselves to be satisfied or successful in life. Victoria shares: “We all get anxious, but living in fear and anxiety is not what God wants for our lives.It is easier said than done, but we need to trust Him more that He has it all planned.”

Later on in the Chorus it says:
“I’m exhausted, I’ve lost it.
Without You I don’t know who I am
And my heart has been hardened.
Without You I am Nothing

Victoria is not hesitant about her relationship with God. She explains that doing things in your own strength doesn’t work and without Jesus, we are nothing. Victoria continues to spread light and truth through her music hoping her music can be her ministry and way to tell people about Jesus.


You'll be able to find “Not The Way You Want It" just about everywhere you usually get your music like Spotify or Apple! So, there's no reason why you won't be able track it down. 

If you want to learn more about Victoria, check out her interview right here on Section 36 Music. That will give you an opportunity to learn more about this fantastic singer. There are also any number of great places to find out about Victoria's work.

Be sure to give “Not The Way You Want It" a listen!

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