Friday, August 28, 2020

“On My Own" by Wass (Release date August 28, 2020)

“On My Own" is the debut EP from the incredibly talented Wass! 

And you'll want to check it out as soon as you can! Like, now!

What can you expect from the EP? Let's see what Wass herself had to say about it during her recent interview with us here at Section 36 Music:

"I am so excited for the EP to drop I can’t even put it into words! The EP consists of 5 songs that I’ve written between 2016-2019. On the surface the songs might simply sound like sad break up songs, and they definitely are, but to methey feel like so much more than that. The EP encompasses my inner growth, learning to be truly independent and confident in myself, and knowing that I am enough on my own (which is why I picked the track “On My Own” as the title track). I purposely put the tracks in a certain order so you can really hear the journey of that growth."

That sounds absolutely fantastic.

You can find “On My Own" just about everywhere you usually get your music like Spotify. So, there's no reason you won't be able to find it.


If you want to learn more about Wass, check out her Section 36 profile page. It has samples of her music, links to where you can find her, and more.

You can also hop directly to her recent interview right here on Section 36 Music.

Be sure to give “On My Own" a listen!

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