Thursday, August 20, 2020

“Lift Me Higher" by Claire Donzelli (Release date August 20, 2020)

Fresh off the success of her smash debut “Together Apart", “Lift Me Higher” is the second single from the incredibly talented Claire Donzelli! 


If you’re anything like me, you’ve been anxiously waiting for this release for quite a while. What can you expect from the song? Well, here's what Claire had to say about it in the blurb…


“As some may already know, this is one of my favorite original songs (I may be biased, of course), and I’ve performed it multiple times in the past. This time around, I’ve worked with a talented producer, Travis Heidelman, and my good friend Brian Mynes on bass and guitar to give you a new take on an old favorite. Brian and I started recording some takes for this about a year ago in a practice room at Berklee and I’m so proud of how far it’s come.”


I don’t know where she thinks it started, but I can tell you that the end result is nothing short of spectacular. The song speaks to you like a beautiful angel, so sweet and heartwarming. My whole mood changes by the end of the song, and I know I am better off for having heard it.


You can find “Lift Me Higher" just about everywhere you usually get your music like Spotify or Apple! So, there's no reason why you won't be able track it down…which I highly suggest you do.






If you want to learn more about Claire, check out her Section 36 Music profile page. There you can find links to her social media accounts, as well as more samples of her incredible singing.


Be sure to give “Lift Me Higher" a listen!

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