Tuesday, June 4, 2024

Going Behind the Scenes of "Should've Known" with Duda

Once again, Duda has brought us behind the scenes and shared the story behind her newest release. I'm sure you enjoyed is as much as I did when she did this for us with her hit EP "Rumors". Now she's back with her newest single, "Should've Known" and everything that went into it. 

Here's what she had to say!

Everything has been a wile ride and I’m grateful we could make it work. It is my best and greatest release yet. I know everyone says their latest release is their best. But I mean it. This one has so much heart, soul, blood, sweat and tears in it from so many amazing human beings.

I wrote the song over winter break, in December 2023. My life was chill at that moment and I wasn’t feeling very inspired to write songs. But I wrote this one based on a college friend from Berklee. It was the first time I wrote something not from my point of view. It was just a very interesting exercise. Honestly, when it was done, I didn’t really like it that much. I wrote it the same day I was inspired to write a couple other songs. All in different aspects that I’m used to doing. This one I wrote in the Point of view of one of my closest friends who keeps going out with guys who don’t treat her right. And, in the end she keeps saying that she should have know. And we keep telling her but she never listens. This is shown in the first verse when the first thing I say is “I should’ve listened to my friends”. 

So it talks about friendships, break-ups and relationships in the current times we’re living in. I feel like it’s current and relatable for women these days, and especially for friends. So I really like that about this song. But, funnily enough, I didn’t really like the song when I finished it. I didn’t put many expectations on it. So I kept it in the depths of my voice messages because I never saw a future for the song. I thought the melodies were cheesy and for some reason I didn’t really connect with them that much, so I never saw potential in it. But one day I received a call from my producer, who also produced Criminal, and he asked if I had any songs to produce for a school project. I showed him multiple songs, but he was unconvinced. So I sent him Should’ve Known but told him I don’t really like this one, just so you know. But he really loved it and made me believe in the song which took some time because I still really didn’t like it for some reason.


But, we took five months to produce it, which is the longest time I’ve taken to complete a song. It took so long because we were making sure the song was perfect and nothing was missing. And we were constantly updating and changing things to make sure it was perfect. And, honestly, I remember when I received the final demo I was in shock because the song was so good. I’m not saying this because it’s my song. It’s genuinely so good. And a lot of my friends who have heard the song are obsessed with it as well.

You can definitely include me on that list too! "Should've Known" is such a great song. You should definitely listen to it for yourself.

Thanks again, Duda, for sharing this story with us.

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