Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Elle Sera Talks About "All Over Again"!

I love being able to go behind the scenes on anything, and see what's going on behind the curtain. I especially love the stories behind songs. Where they came from, what they mean, anything. So I was thrilled when Elle Sera wanted to share the story behind her recent single with us. Let's see what she had to say!

“ALL OVER AGAIN” has served me a few different story lines and inspiration points through the life it’s had since inception so far.  While it may have had some roots in the “I’ve got to get over this person” vibes in the impetus it certainly took a winding road with me as my internal landscape evolved when thinking about love, relationships(of all kinds!) and how my body & brain processes it all. 

There were some big lessons that surfaced through the ability to just get this song out of me and written.  Took me a few years to sit with the feelings and have enough rear-view-mirror perspective that freed me to pen it and seemed effortless in the task when it did push through, gratefully.  I’d say this song even helped me understand why I had to process with a fervor of replaying scenes, words and moments to the point of overwhelm.  And it started to seem like a chore to put so much into keeping my mind on a merry-go-round. So rather than beat myself up for that and with that I looked at what my brain was doing and why it felt it needed that.  Putting on a different hat to birds-eye view it all allowed some space to process how I WANTED TO think and not be bound by the patterns, habits and poor conditioning I’d been programmed with as a child. 

I began to look at love and relationships and the relating to my own thoughts with a whole other perspective that was SO refreshing.  I’d like to think of myself as moving from “over-thinker” to “active deep thinker”.  So this song is for anyone who might do the whole “replay a scenario” over and over in your head. While in itself it can be a gateway to processing, just know the point in which it’s not serving your highest interest. 

Thanks for listening!

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