Tuesday, June 11, 2024

More Behind the Scenes of "Should've Known" with Duda

Duda continues to bring us with her through the songwriting process of 
"Should've Known". In this case, she shifts to taking us to the photo shoot for the cover art and video. She, of course, discusses that corset top you're all talking about. 

Here's what she had to say!

Let’s talk about the photo shoot now, because everyone loved the photo shoot. It is beautiful I must say. So the photos were taken by my friend Marina and the backstage video was taken by my roommate Allie. We took the photos in a beautiful place and I noticed that everyone loved the playing cards corset top because it is just gorgeous. It was handmade by Marina. She hand glued the playing cards one by one. I was initially trying to do it myself. This all came together the day of the shoot. We had another idea that didn’t work out. Then Lyla Tess, helping out with management, came up with this crazy idea of the playing cards corset top. I remember I was like “That’s not gonna work out”, but she said to try it. You never know. I started gluing it 1.5

hours before leaving for the shoot, and it started not working. And then Marina showed up with fabric glue and made it work and make it fit me. So it’s like perfectly fit for my body which is so nice. At the end it was actually glued on me. The playing cards visually tells a story of a game player who loves the game of going out with guys and saying that didn’t work out and tries another one. I still have the corset top. It’s beautiful and molded to my body which is so funny and I love it so much. It made me feel like I was in a fashion show and a real artist, performer, pop star.

Social media for the song is going going so well. (Lyla Tess Again) I am very present on TikTok. Nice to explore that and bring it to Instagram. So excited about this release, and everyone knows I put so much into everything I do. 

All the hard work definitely shows! "Should've Known" is such a great song. You should be sure to listen to it for yourself.

Thanks again, Duda, for sharing this story with us.

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