Saturday, April 1, 2023

“Already Met" by Koko (April 1, 2023 Release)

“Already Met" is the new single from the incredible singer Koko!



You should definitely go listen to it it right now.

What's can you expect from the song? Well, according to Koko herself, 

"Already Met is written about meeting someone for the first time and immediately clicking, feeling like you understand them and could never get tired of being with them. 

I had originally written the chorus about my best friend I met on a trip abroad in 2019. We met during our layover in Atlanta heading to Spain. Within 10 minutes of meeting we were already laughing and talking and ended up having the best time during the trip. 

Two years after meeting her, I had the same experience with a coworker at my past job. We immediately got along really well and I realized how similar it was to meeting that friend abroad. After meeting him, I revisited the chorus I had written over two years ago and finished the verses about how our friendship went downhill and how it was hard to cut contact considering how quickly we understood each other."

You can find “Already Met" just about everywhere you usually stream your music, like Spotify, and Apple! So, there's no reason why you won't be able track it down…which I highly suggest you do.

Be sure to give “Already Met" a listen!

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