Monday, February 1, 2021

Kayla Silverman Visits Section 36!

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Lena Nugent Photography
Section 36 Music has another visitor! Kayla Silverman is an incredible singer, and I was so glad she wanted to visit with us and discuss her upcoming music, her future goals, and more. I’m sure you’ll love everything she has to say.

So, let's see what happens when Kayla Silverman visits Section 36!

I really enjoyed your latest single, “Crying on a Plane”. What was it like to pull that together?
I am so glad you liked “Crying On a Plane.”  That song was very important to me in many ways. it was my first single after a three year hiatus in releasing new material. Previously, the latest music that I had released was when I was 15 years old. I took those few years to really hone in on my craft and figure out my “sound.” This song is also special because it is about a person who dramatically impacted my life. Before I had met this person, I thought that classical music and electronic music must be separate. They helped me learn that by fusing the genres, one can have a great and endless amount of musical opportunities. This song took me a year to write and produce, but I am glad I took the time to give it justice. 

I was excited to hear that you have a new single on the way. What can you tell me about it?
“Can’t You Tell” also took me a very long time to write. I wrote the chorus and first verse two summers ago and forgot about it. I recently listened to what I had done and immediately knew I had to finish it. “Can’t You Tell” brings the listener into the mind of a lover who suddenly realizes that they are in love. The incorporation of lush harmonies, shiny synths, and playful wind instruments reflect the overwhelming feelings of infatuation, fear and joy when deciding whether or not to say “I love you.” This song will be released on February 5th. To anyone who adds my song to a playlist and sends it to me, they will get a free exclusive sticker and a handwritten note. 

You are currently attending Berklee College of Music. What’s the biggest thing you feel that is doing for your career?
I am currently a second semester student at Berklee College
Photo by 
Lena Nugent Photography

of Music. So far, I absolutely love it! Growing up, I never had the opportunity to start a band or write songs with other musicians my age. Now I am finally exposed to thousands of insanely talented individuals who, like me, are hungry to collaborate with other artists. I am also really enjoying my classes.  I am a music theory nerd and being in a Jazz Harmony class is my heaven! I will be double-majoring in Music Business and Music Production. I want to learn how to advocate for myself as an independent artist. 

You were able to perform at the American Protégé Summer Gala concert. What was that experience like?
It was an incredible experience! What is amazing about this specific company is that they have concerts for both contemporary and classical musicians. I was lucky enough to win first place in both genres, allowing me to sing at Carnegie Hall three times. It was truly a dream come true. Other than performing, my favorite part of the experience actually occurred backstage. I was able to talk to and cheer on musicians from all around the world. I am still in touch with many of them today.  

Who/what would you consider your biggest musical influence? 
Photo by 
Lena Nugent Photography
My biggest influence is Weyes Blood’s Titanic Rising. Weyes Blood is an Art pop/Baroque Pop artist who makes gloriously beautiful music. Her ability to create such lush sounds with complex instrumentation is such an inspiration. I sometimes joke that Titanic Rising is my bible. Some other inspirations are Bruno Major, Queen, Electric Light Orchestra, Frank Ocean, and Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons.  

What are your immediate career goals?
As I project onto my immediate future, I want to create music that is beautiful, rich and lush sound, yet also intimate. I also want to pay attention to my fans and connect with them one by one.  Therefore, I want to send all my fans that enjoyed my single an exclusive sticker and a handwritten note. I am excited to go on tour once it is completely safe to travel and congregate in groups and get to meet my fans in person! Lastly, I will be releasing new music this year and hopefully a EP with 6 new songs!  


Those sound like great goals. I hope she reaches them!

As always, I want to thank Kayla for visiting, and for sending along the pictures to accompany the interview.

I know you’ll all want to follow along with Kayla to see what she's up to. The best way is to follow her online on Instagram, and visit her website. They’re great ways to make sure you don't miss a thing! You're also, obviously, going to want to visit her Spotify page so you can listen to all her music yourself.

You can also visit her Section 36 Music page. There you'll find more links, music samples, and pictures. It's a great way to enjoy everything Kayla has to offer all in one place.

Thanks again Kayla, and good luck reaching your goals!

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