Monday, October 5, 2020

Allison Leah Visits Section 36!

Section 36 Music has another visitor! Allison Leah is an incredible singer, and I was so glad she was willing to visit with us and discuss her music, her goals, and more. I’m sure you’ll love everything she has to say.

So, let's see what happens when Allison Leah visits Section 36!

I really enjoyed your recent single “We Can Still Sing”. What can you tell me about it?

Thank you! I wrote “We Can Still Sing” about the coronavirus pandemic four days after my spring tour was canceled. I was feeling pretty anxious, scared, and fearful and I was actually just venting to my guitar when I wrote the first verse. After writing the first two verses, I put down my guitar, picked up my phone and started scrolling on Instagram. That’s when I saw one of the viral videos of people singing together from their balconies in Italy. For the first time in days, I felt a sense of unity and purpose. Instead of harping on my canceled tour, I started focusing on what actually matters: love, hope, kindness, and family. I had this in mind as I continued to write and the chorus of “We Can Still Sing” spilled out. 


I soon after decided to record and release it, and the recording

process for this song was very unique and ended up reflecting the themes it was written about. My dad, Jon Altschiller, and I came up with the arrangement and produced it. I sang the lead vocal, tracked the guitar, piano, and bass parts, and my whole family did percussion. I even had my siblings sing background vocals! It was a really fun, creative process for all of us.


To bring the project full circle, my friend Noah Chichester lives in Spain and has been performing concerts out of his window, just like the folks in the viral video that inspired me in the first place. As you listen to the song, you will hear a chorus of voices, including Noah’s, as heard from the windows of A Coruña, Spain.

The official video for “We Can Still Sing” is just wonderful. What was it like to put that together?

Thank you! Creating this music video was really special. Since I was quarantined in New York, I knew that filming a traditional music video would be difficult and I wanted to create something that would add to the overall meaning of the song. Plus, I’ve also been using my time in quarantine to get to know my fans and supporters from around the world since I can’t see them in person. So, I thought what better way to celebrate this community and feature some of the people supporting me from all over the world than to have them in the music video!


Who or what would you consider to be your biggest musical influences?

I grew up in an extremely musical household, so I was exposed to all kinds of music growing up - from Joni Mitchell, to Crosby Stills and Nash, The Beatles, Grateful Dead, John Mayer, and more. I’m currently listening to a lot of Julia Michaels, Bishop Briggs, Dermot Kennedy, Taylor Swift and Noah Kahan. I find the common thread between my music taste is the use of story-telling. I am really inspired by artists who write their own music and tell a great story!


What do you enjoy most about performing in front of an audience?

Everything. The adrenaline, the energy, escaping the world

and sharing a moment. Plus, there’s nothing quite like the feeling of singing an original song and hearing the audience sing it back to you.

Other than COVID, what would you say is your biggest career challenge?

As an independent artist, juggling all the different aspects of being an independent artist has its rewards and its challenges. I treat my music career as a business, so not only am I spending my time writing and performing music, but I also book my own shows, run my social media & website, manage business expenses, merchandise, branding, marketing, outreach, tour planning, and so much more! I absolutely love what I do, but sometimes it can feel like I’m working 5 full-time jobs, which can get overwhelming. 

What are your immediate career goals?

Right now, a goal I have is to play the festival circuit (once we can play live shows again) and to release more music this year! I have some fun projects in the works that I can’t wait to share. Other than that, I hope to continue making music that connects with people.


It will be fun to follow along as she reaches for those goals!

As always, I want to thank Allison for visiting, and for sending along the pictures to accompany the interview.

I know you’ll all want to follow along with Allison to see what she's up to. The best way is to follow her online on InstagramTwitterFacebook, or YouTube. You should also be sure to visit her website and listen to her music on Spotify as often as you can. It’s the perfect way to make sure you don't miss a thing.

You can also visit her Section 36 Music page. There you'll find more links, pictures, and samples of her music. It's a great way to enjoy everything Allison has to offer all in one place.

Thanks again Allison, and good luck in reaching your goals! 

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