Monday, April 27, 2020

Anna Møla Visits Section 36!

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Section 36 Music has another visitor! Anna Møla is a talented singer, and I was thrilled she was willing to visit with us and discuss her latest single, her musical accomplishments and more. I’m sure you’ll enjoy everything she has to say.

So, let's see what happens when Anna Møla visits Section 36!

I enjoyed your latest single “Over It”. What can you tell me about it?
"Over It" holds a special place in my heart. I wrote it a while back and it has come a long way since then. It is the first song that I have officially shared with the world, and I think it is a song that most people can or will at some point in their life be able to relate to. It shows strength and vulnerability as it tells the story of a toxic past relationship, and I still get emotional when I perform it today. But that's what I want and what I envisioned for this song. I want to write songs that make me - and whoever's listening - feel things and I want to show what's in my heart. 

Who/what do you consider your biggest musical influence?
"Over It" cover
Photo by Emilio Subía
I have many musical and vocal influences. I grew up in a house where my parents would play music by artists like Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, and Marvin Gaye so I very early on developed a love for R&B and pop music. After discovering my love for singing I started listening to singers like Celine Dion and Whitney Houston - and I still consider them some of my biggest inspirations today. My own original music is also inspired by some of today's biggest names in pop music such as Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande. I love pop music and I always seek inspiration on the top 40s lists.  

You’re a graduate of Berklee College of Music. What’s the most important thing that experience has done for your career?
I feel extremely grateful for my time at Berklee. I did not only grow as a singer and performer, but my overall musicianship bloomed and I learned so much about so much. I got to study with some amazing teachers, and I made connections that I still use today. Berklee is such an amazing meeting point for some of the world's most talented and interesting musicians and I feel so privileged to have been able to experience that environment. 

You’ve had the opportunity to perform live, on stage. What’s your favorite part about singing in front of an audience?
I used to be really shy when I was younger and I would get really nervous singing in front of others - and I still do sometimes - which is ironic since performing is what I do for a living today. However, when I was at Berklee I had a teacher tell me "sing to express, don't sing to impress." Those words stuck with me and changed my whole perspective on performing. I want to share stories and I want to give my audience an experience, and as soon as that became my focus performing became my absolute favorite thing. Music is such a powerful way to connect with other people and I feel blessed every day I get to experience that. 

Your Instagram account has several informal videos of you performing. What do you like about recording and sharing these videos?
Photo by Emilio Subía
I think Instagram is a great platform for getting yourself and your music out there and I have made many connections through social media. Not only do I promote my own music or share videos of performances I've done, I also like to record covers of songs I vibe with and give them my own twist. I have a lot of fun on Instagram with my followers and I love showing who I am through music, pictures and videos. 

Right now, what would you say is your biggest career challenge?
My biggest career challenge at the moment is balancing performing, teaching and working on my own project. I sing most nights during the week in different bars and restaurants and I teach during the day, so it is therefore challenging for me to find time to write, and schedule recording sessions, and photo shoots etc. However, I find that working on my own music is what makes me the happiest and feeds my soul the most so it has become a focus of mine and I am trying to prioritize it as much as possible.  

What are your immediate career goals? 
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I have many goals and dreams for myself. I have always been a dreamer and that is one of my favorite things about myself. To get a little more specific, I hope to release a full length album in 2021. I have so many stories I want to turn into songs and share with the world, and I hope and believe that my time is coming. 


I agree, it seems her time is coming soon. Hopefully she completes that album!

As always, I want to thank Anna for visiting, and for allowing me to use so many fantastic pictures to accompany the interview.

I highly recommend you check her out on Spotify so you can hear her wonderful music firsthand! 

Since I know you’ll want to follow along with Anna to see what she's up to, I suggest check out her website, and give her Instagram account a follow. They're great ways to make sure you don't miss a thing she has going on.

You should also check out her Section 36 Music page. There you'll find more links, pictures, and samples of her music. It's a great way to enjoy everything Anna has to offer all in one place.

Thanks again Anna, and good luck in reaching your goals! 

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