Sunday, January 1, 2023

Happy New Year!

Of all the blogs in the Section 36 Suite, the Music blog is the one whose 2023 I'm most excited about.

While 2022 didn't produce the most posts this blog has ever made, I'm excited about the quality of those posts. I've been able to post interviews of so many new artists. To share their incredible releases with you, and basically help these New England (especially Berklee) women expand their reach as much as I possibly can.
Do you know where Section 36 Music exists on social media? I think that will be a big part of 2023.

Instagram has been the main social media focus for the blog. It’s
been great connecting with fans and visitors through that site. The following has steadily increased throughout the years as it posts any pictures that my Section 36 visitors have submitted. It’s another way to celebrate visitors and share these artists with the world. Hopefully that follower count will continue to grow!

Twitter is still the old standby as long as Elon allows it. As you’d expect, it tweets out music related posts made by the other blogs, or any posts on the Music blog itself. It also passes along info from music-related visitors. It's follower count keeps growing every day!

Facebook provides fun opportunities. It's really a nice combination of twitter and instagram. I can post links there for Section 36 posts. i can post pictures. I can share posts made by others. It's a little bit of everything, and I'm glad so many people have decided they like that too.

I love having all these ways to talk about these incredible women. I've been so flattered by the number of people who have reached out saying they saw the blog and enjoyed the content. That means it's working! I can't wait to see how much more it grows is 2023.

I hope you'll join me! And if you know an artist that should be featured, feel free to reach out.

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