Monday, January 9, 2023

Lindsey Sampson Takes A Leap Of Faith Into Her Next Chapter With Stunning Debut Album ‘Juniper’

‘Juniper’ reflects on the depth and complexities inherent to faith, love, and the importance of forgiveness and growth. Sampson captures heartfelt echoes emanating from the depths of the soul through tender indie pop melodies and ballads of hope on this epic, emotional debut album.

NASHVILLE, TN (January 2nd, 2023) - Nashville transplant and Boston native Lindsey Sampson’s debut solo album, ‘Juniper,’ is full of wonder, growth and unwavering faith. The entrancing twelve track album is a whimsical indie pop collection of life experiences available on all major streaming platforms January 27th. From the impact of love, loss, and every emotion in between, Sampson harnesses the spirit of a true artist with every word. Her determination to overcome difficult circumstances and her ability to create sonic magic goes hand in hand to not only draws listeners in, but encourage them to continue loving themselves through whatever darkness they may feel trapped in. Lindsey Sampson’s vocal stylings have been compared to the incredible talents of Sheryl Crow, Sara Barellies and Taylor Swift. Her style can be seen as indie pop with a warm dash of country that brings a bright yet cozy experience for listeners everywhere.

The creation of ‘Juniper’ was a therapeutic process of self discovery while Sampson explored moments that altered her perspective on love both platonically and romantically forever. In the song “Lemons,” she sings about her best friend and the transformative point of watching her move in with her soon to be husband, purely happy for the new beginnings she would be experiencing in the new chapter of life. “Bend The Light” is a delicate reminder of the importance of self love and holding onto your truth. Through the subtle-yet-playful, symphonic beginning, Sampson chills listeners with her stunning vocals and ear-catching guitar riffs. Other tracks like “We Could Be Friends” ft. Kaiti Jones, “Faraway Eyes,” and “Sand” are vastly different but hold an honest acknowledgement of the hard truths many listeners have also faced in relationships; these moments are truly pivotal and a vibrant testament to who Sampson is, not only as an artist, but a genuine human being. 

Track 5, “Loud House,” paints the picture of a romantic daydream imagining what the future might hold for a true love rooted in deep, unfiltered connection. “New Orleans” is an an energetic telling of the spontaneous adventure of moving two of her friends halfway across the country to New Orleans mid pandemic and the memories they will share forever. Sampson’s journey with her faith is also showcased throughout the album, most notably on tracks “Holy Ground” and “Call,” which dive into her experiences with God and how that differs from her experience with religion itself. Lindsey Sampson has truly poured out her heart and taken a leap of faith with Juniper, and she hopes fans resonate with the album as much as she does. 

Stream ‘Juniper’ on all major streaming platforms January 27th.

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