Friday, September 24, 2021

“Justice” by Melissa D (Sep 24, 2021 release)

“Justice" is the latest single from the fantastic singer Melissa D!

You'll definitely want to check it out, ASAP!

What can you expect from this song? Here's what the release had to say...

"Justice" embraces [Melissa D's] country roots while also pulling from a vintage 60’s vibe adding a different flavor to the production creating an Americana-Woodstock fusion. The single addresses social justice issues and is reminiscent of a folk protest song.

Melissa states that the song was inspired after a “very tough and disheartening 2020 that was a big yellow highlighter for social justice issues that need to be addressed.” She adds, “Writing this song was a way to vent my anger and frustration, releasing these feelings allows me to take what is upsetting me about the world and turn it upside down and ask, ‘What would I rather see on this planet?’ and then become a love activist for that instead.”

This song is simply incredible. You can definitely feel the folk protest energy when you listen to it. I couldn't stop listening to it, and loved every replay. I'm sure you will too! Be sure to listen to it for yourself.

You can find “Justice" just about everywhere you usually get your music like Apple and Spotify. So, there's no reason you won't be able to find it.…which I highly suggest you do.

And do quickly.

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