Friday, November 20, 2020

"Open Eyes" By Annie Elise (Release Date November 20, 2020)

“Open Eyes" is the latest single from the incredible singer Annie Elise!

And you won’t want to miss it!

What can you expect from the song? Well, here’s what Annie herself had to say about it in her recent interview with us…

Open Eyes” marks the beginning of a new era for me as an artist. I’ve been learning so much about electronic production, and I’ve been writing songs more. In the past, I’ve used these things to collaborate behind-the-scenes with other artists- but now, I get to release this work under my own artist profile, which is both exciting and incredibly rewarding to me. 

The song was written about the stage near the end of a relationship where things are getting old and you begin to drift apart. This song in particular was inspired by a friend of mine who was going through these emotions in her relationship. She called me one night, and I didn't feel like I had much advice, so I wrote "Open Eyes" quickly to try to sympathize. When I sent her the song a few hours later, she cried - the power of listening and understanding is an important one. The line "I used to dream that you'd think of me the same way I do ('cause I know that I do)" really resounded with her, and others who have worked on this production with me.

That sounds amazing to me!

You can find “Open Eyes" just about everywhere you usually get your music like Apple and Spotify. So, there's no reason you won't be able to find it.…which I highly suggest you do.


If you want to learn more about Annie, check out her Section 36 profile page. It has samples of her music, links to where you can find her, and more.

You can also hop directly to her recent interview right here on Section 36 Music.

Be sure to give “Open Eyes" a listen!

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