Friday, September 25, 2020

“Love Myself" by Danielle Starz (Release date September 25, 2020)

“Love Myself" is the latest single from the wonderful singer Danielle Starz!


And you need to listen to it as soon as you can!

You probably remember Danielle from her interview with us, and her amazing previous single “Be OK". Since then, we’ve all been eagerly awaiting the release of her next single. I wasn't disappointed! I'm sure you'll love it as much as I do.

What can you expect from the song? Here’s what Danielle herself has to say about it:

“This song was written by Danielle and produced and mixed by Prod.AG. The single is available on all streaming platforms.

“This song was inspired by the amazing feeling you get when you’re finally over a breakup. I wrote this with the intentions of it being a self empowerment anthem. It definitely ties in with similar themes of my other song “Be Ok” and I definitely think of them as sister songs, or songs that go together. It’s a song about emotional freedom, self love and confidence.”

Growing up, drawing inspiration from power house female artists like Whitney Houston, Amy Winehouse, and Christina Aguilera, Danielle Starz creates her own unique sound in her music.

Danielle is a twenty-three year old pop singer-songwriter and

producer from Boston, Massachusetts. After studying at Berklee College of Music, Danielle started working on her YouTube channel, recording weekly covers and writing and recording at her home studio releasing singles like “Loved the Most”, “More” and  “Be Ok”. "


You can find “Love Myself" just about everywhere you usually get your music like Spotify or Apple! So, there's no reason why you won't be able track it down…which I highly suggest you do.

If you want to learn more about Danielle, check out her Section 36 Music profile page. There you can find links to her full interview with Section 36 Music, her social media accounts, as well as more samples of her incredible singing.

You can also hop directly to her recent interview right here on Section 36 Music. That will give you an opportunity to learn more about this amazing singer.

Be sure to give “Love Myself" a listen!

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