Monday, February 10, 2020

Abby Kenna Visits Section 36!

Section 36 Music has another visitor! Abby Kenna is a fantastic singer, and I was excited that she wanted to talk with us about her recent single and the rest of her music.

So, let's see what happens when Abby Kenna visits Section 36!

You recently released your fantastic single “Black Coffee”. What can you tell me about that song?
I wrote “Black Coffee” two years ago in a fit of complete and utter exhaustion. Every aspect of my life at the time was just absolutely draining - every relationship, feeling, and goal I was working towards felt out of reach and I was stuck in this state of bitter fatigue. I was spent, simultaneously burned out in a mental, emotional, and physical sense. So, I wrote this sort of anthem for all of us who are trudging through the day with bloodshot eyes and an attempt at a smile.

That was on the heels of the August release of your album “From the Bathroom Floor”. Is there more studio work in your future?
Definitely! I may or may not have a couple more singles up my sleeve… I’m so excited for this next era of my music - it really feels like me and I’m starting to find my voice through these new tunes that I’ve been writing and releasing.

You’re currently a student at Berklee. What is the most important thing that is doing for your career?
Oh, boy. That’s a hard one to answer. If I had to choose one,
I would say the connections are the most valuable part about studying at Berklee. It’s a crossroads for thousands of amazingly talented and driven musicians from all walks of life, and every single one of those people can help you in some way, and visa versa. For example, while you might be searching for studio time, the production and engineering students are always looking for a project. While the composition majors are cooking up beautiful arrangements to be performed, the performance students are aching for a chance to get on the stage. Every connection and collaboration expands the career of each person involved, so it’s important to just get out there. For all you know, the person sitting next to you in Ear Training could co-write your first hit single. The chance is there.

You've been able to perform at several live shows. What have you liked about those appearances?
I’ve been performing for most of my life, but as a solo artist my favorite things about my shows has been the variety in environment, but consistency in reciprocation. I mean, there have definitely been gigs where only a few stragglers are watching, but even so, I’ve found that there are good people everywhere, and just one kind comment from a stranger is enough to keep me going until the next show. Trying to rise in the music industry is ruthless, but there’s always at least one genuine person in the crowd that latches onto what I’m trying to say, and that gives me so much hope for my music and just life in general.

Does any one particular appearance stand out in your mind?
Definitely my EP release, which was August 2019 at the Saint
in Asbury Park, NJ. That whole day was like a movie. I had been chilling in the green room with my band while the place was filling up, and when I walked out it was PACKED. I had to push through people to get to the stage. All of my friends and family and teachers and even some random people had completely filled the venue, and the energy was just insane. Somehow they knew all the words to the songs I had released not 18 hours ago, and screamed them back at me the whole show. I still watch those videos and get choked up. Oh, and my best friends brought me a cake with my face on it. I honestly don’t think it gets better than that.

Right now, what would you say is your biggest career challenge?
Sometimes it’s hard to keep giving myself the creative liberty to write what feels right while still maintaining rigidity in pursuing learning and career opportunities. Especially at school, wherein all of my homework and class time revolves solely around music, it gets difficult to not fall into the trap of viewing music as “work”. Also, if I start to filter myself or think only about what people “want” to hear, my songs feel so much less genuine. So I’ve been putting a lot of work into just enjoying the process of creating music in all aspects of my life, whether for myself or work - and I’m really happy with the songs I’ve been writing as a result!

What are your immediate career goals?
Right now I’m really focused on writing non-stop and trying
to play out as much as possible. I want to keep releasing music and exploring my songs with different bands because every time I do I feel like I get a step closer to the sound that really feels like me. So, I’m just working towards whatever comes next, and I can’t wait!


Hopefully she can accomplish those goals!

As always, I want to thank Abby for visiting, and for sending along the pictures that accompany the interview. They’re really perfect.

Since I know you’ll want to follow along with Abby to see what she's up to, I suggest you follow her on Instagram. Also be sure to go listen to her music on Spotify!

You should also check out her Section 36 Music page. There you'll find more links, and pictures. It's a great way to enjoy everything Abby has to offer.

Thanks again Abby, and good luck in reaching your goals! 

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