Tuesday, May 16, 2023

"Art Unites Us All" - a Project from Domina Monriel

Today is the International Day of Living Together in Peace. It also marks the two-year anniversary of the "Art Unites Us All" release. This amazing project was created by Domina Monriel, so I’ll use her words to tell you about it…

“[It is] an original multimedia project featuring 210 artists from all over the world; 105 musicians, 79 dancers and 26 Painters & Photographers and supported by 7 universal organizations.

This international collaboration illuminates the ways in which art, despite turbulent times, global borders, professions and personalities, unites us all and lights the path for us to live together in peace, by embracing the diversity that makes each one of us unique.”

I can’t think of a better thing to embrace today. So please check out the full video, seen below. 

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