Friday, November 5, 2021

“What It Means to be a Woman" By Sophia Eliana (Nov 5, 2021 Release)

 “What It Means to be a Woman” is the latest single from the fantastic singer Sophia Eliana! 

And you're absolutely going to want to check it out!

What can you expect from this single? Well, here's what Sophia herself has to say about it in the blurb…

By embracing, cradling, and unconditionally loving fear, how may I bring forth a quality of emotional depth to my craft?” “What It Means to be a Woman” echoes the unraveling of Sophia Eliana’s truth - a truth that is more common among young women than not. Sophia Eliana’s indie-folk song will leave you with a bittersweet familiarity. Through chilling melodies, she offers a sense of gratitude for the duality of light and shadow within this existence, knowing that neither generational or personal trauma will ever define her womanhood. “What It Means to be a Woman” is the catalyst for change. Sophia Eliana’s newest song proves that there is strength in fostering one’s sensitivities.

That just sounds wonderful! You'll want to hear that for yourself.

You'll be able to find “What It Means to be a Woman" on Spotify and iTunes! So, there's no reason why you won't be able track it down…which I absolutely recommend you do. 


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