Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Get To Know Treble Threat - The Experience

Treble Threat is Berklee College of Music's only all-women and non-binary a cappella group, providing an immersive and empowering musical experience within an a cappella environment. 

Last week we learned what led these amazing performers to decide to try out for the group? Now that they're members, what experiences stand out in their minds? I asked the members of the group to try to find out. 

Big performances like the International Championship of Collegiate A Capella were obviously memorable experiences for some.

Business Manager Grace Carr was in that group, stating her favorite memory was, “ICAAs this year because I loved our set and had so much fun with everyone.”

New member Carolina Daura settled on that as well, saying “honestly, the bond that we have created ever since we met just makes me enjoy everything we do together even more. We are all truly like a family and I always look forward to rehearsals. But I think I enjoyed participating in ICCAs with them the most. It was an amazing experience.”

Another big performance was the A Cappella Showcase right at Berklee.

New member Allie Forlini hit on that one, saying “my favorite moment with Treble Threat so far has been performing with them at the Acappella Showcase at the Berklee Performance Center. I feel like that experience made us closer as a group of people who love each other just as much as we love the music!”

Social media manager Alexa Aronson agreed by saying, “my favorite experience / memory of being in the group was the Berklee A Cappella Showcase. Our set was absolutely incredible, and each A Cappella Group at Berklee performed. It’s an amazing experience to meet new people, network, and hear talent.”

New member Michelle Langelier added, “my favorite experience thus far with Treble Threat has been the Berklee A Capella Showcase!! Singing at the BPC twice in my first year at Berklee is insane, and I’m so grateful that I’ve gotten such awesome opportunities from this group.”

President Ava Panza had an experience with her specific role, explaining “my favorite experience in Treble Threat so far is holding the auditions this past September. It is my first year running the group and hearing everyone who wanted to be a part of the group and choosing who would be a part of it was great.”

Sometimes the best memories from a group experience come from the more mundane everyday activities. The sorts of moments that really resonate.

Assistant music director Amelie Dejean Subirats felt “my favorite experience with the group has been learning music together and creating the emotions behind our performances.”

New member Veronica Bain added, “one of my favorite thingsthat we do together is the improvisation exercise. Each part comes up with interlocking melodies and harmonies. It’s creative, interactive, and playful group bonding.”

Similarly, new member Jasperina van Stuijvenberg said “my favorite experience has been all the times we hang out. Every rehearsal and event that we decide to do together outside of performing is always so fun and therapeutic. It’s nice to be around a bunch of people who understand you and who can give advice! I really just love it it’s a big part of my experience here at Berklee. 

New member Maggie Welch added, “my favorite experience with the group has been staying after rehearsals to create harmonies and sing with them in the stairwells!”

Another new member, Chloe Park, remembered “at one of our rehearsals, we had a time to emotionally read the tune that we’ve been working on, ‘Why am I like this’. We got to hear what that song meant to each of us and shared our stories. It was an amazing experience to get to know each other and to be attached to the song more. I cannot forget that moment.”

New Member Ceili Cordero really summed up the Treble Threat experience by saying, “my favorite memory is when the whole group sang light of the clear blue morning in a circle with our backs turned, just listening and connecting with each other through music and sound.”

That’s just what it’s all about.

While everyone is different, you can see how every member had their own experience that they will carry with them forever!

I can't recommend enough that you check out this amazing group. Follow them on their socials: InstagramFacebook, and Youtube. And if you get the chance to see them perform in person, don't miss out. It's an experience you need to take in for yourself.

Thanks to all the members of Treble Threat for sharing their thoughts with us.

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